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The power of an idea

Brendan Baines is working in Colima, México in Networking and Partnerships El Instituto de Planeación para el Municipio de Colima (IPCo) has recently undergone a rebranding effort. Under the label Imagina Colima, IPCo has two goals: increase public interaction and awareness … Continue reading

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Transforming urban mobility in Colima

Written by Gisela Méndez, General Director of El Instituto de Planeación para el Municipio de Colima “It would not be progressive to ask where do we go, but rather where do we stop?” – Mafalda, Quino In a congested Colima, it … Continue reading

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Reflections on Naheed Nenshi’s win

Hugo Haley, MCIP is an urban planner working in Vancouver and was previously a Senior Planner with the City of Calgary. Naheed Nenshi has now been sworn in as the new mayor of Calgary. In his recent, come-from-behind election victory he upset two better … Continue reading

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How Cities Can Crack the Code to Successful Green Branding

By Marc Stoiber Sustainable Cities Board Member Marc Stoiber is vice president of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas, a leading innovation agency based in Chicago. Stoiber and his green team work out of Vancouver. Just before the Olympics kicked off … Continue reading

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Sustainable Cities Interns lend a hand to the 350 Movement

Meghan Larson is a Sustainable Cities : PLUS Network CIDA IYIP intern based in the City of San Fernando, Philippines. On 10/10/10, people at 7347 events in 188 countries got to work on the climate crisis. It’s no surprise that Sustainable Cities interns … Continue reading

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Linguistic degradation in the urban setting

Firth McEachern was working in San Fernando, Philippines in waste management. Is Tagalog replacing the local languages in Northern Luzon? Or are people just playfully mixing the two languages without neglecting their mother tongue? The answer in the cities, I’m … Continue reading

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A failed workshop…turns around

Andrea Friedman is working in Colima, Mexico on Local Initiatives El Instituto de Planeación del Municipio de Colima, with the support of Sustainable Cities is working on a master plan to improve connectivity and public space around a railway. We’ve … Continue reading

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