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Dar es Salaam city and the tourist ‘experience’

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Of Graffiti, Youth and Space #2 – Favela Painting

Cross posted from Favela Painting is a graffiti program initiated by artists Jeroen Koolhaas and Dre Urhahn. In 2005 they started a project focused on bringing works of art to unexpected places such as the slums of Rio. Their … Continue reading


Sustainable Cities Supports School Food Security Project in Durban, South Africa

Written by Margaret McKenzie Through it’s CIDA supported Demonstration Fund, Sustainable Cities in association with the Imagine Durban project is sponsoring a Schools and Food Security project in Durban, South Africa. The intention of the project is to facilitate the … Continue reading

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The Future of Vancouver

Written by Ken Cameron The following are notes for a presentation by Ken Cameron, Chair Emeritus of Sustainable Cities, to a reunion of The Electors’ Action Movement (TEAM), a civic political party founded in the City of Vancouver in 1968 … Continue reading

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The Demographic Divide: Are Youth the Angels or the Demons of the New Millenium

The Globe and Mail (Canada) ran a special edition on Africa which touched on the issues and importance of youth, but they missed the opportunity to put the issues into global context and look at next steps. The following is … Continue reading

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For 7 Generations .. or at least until the next disaster

cross-posted from the Practical Radical It never ceases to amaze me how we work to implement long-term planning, slowly moving step by step forward, yet seemingly for an instant we let our eye off the ball and end up four … Continue reading

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