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Wrapping up the 3rd Biennial Conference on implementation

So why bother bringing everyone together for this conference on implementation, anyway? In the words of Guilherme Fragomeni of Curitiba, Brazil “…maybe they are not going to give you a technical answer, but they’re going to give you energy, they’re … Continue reading

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The Wilderness Downtown

What do you get when you combine google maps, Arcade Fire, and YOUR house? Check it out here!

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The Urban Villages of Gatineau

Éric Boutet, Deputy Director, Department of Planning and Sustainable Development, City of Gatineau. Éric Boutet, Directeur adjoint, Service de l’urbanisme et du développement durable, Ville de Gatineau

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Rebuilding Cities in a Climate-Damaged World

Written by Marc Stoiber, SC Board Member & VP of Green Innovation at Maddock Douglas. (original post here) “There’s no alternative to sustainable development.” So began a 2009 article in Harvard Business Review. Although the message was aimed at business, it applies … Continue reading

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Breaking down the silos

Dick Eberson from the city of Calgary at the Sustainable Cities Plus Network Conference.

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Change the thinking, not the structures

One theme that ran throughout the Sustainable Cities : PLUS Network conference has been changing ways of thinking. This of course has always been part of the discussion around sustainability, changing people’s world view. But the discussion now stretches to include the … Continue reading

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More with Maps

Andrea Friedman is working on Local Initiatives in Colima, Mexico Within urban planning and geography,  racial and income integration is almost always measured by the neighbourhood unit. Colour coded maps depict cities as mosaics – made up of homogenous tiles … Continue reading