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The Quiet Evolution of Water Planning

Erik Porse is a Ph.D. candidate in Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of California, Davis. His research focuses on interdisciplinary approaches to analysis and modeling of innovative water management designs in cities. Eric is the newest addition to … Continue reading

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Cycling infrastructure in Cabo San Lucas: strategy, challenges and opportunities

By Simon L’Allier ~ ~ The majority of my time working with IMPLAN Los Cabos has been spent planning a network of bicycle infrastructure for the city of Cabo San Lucas. This blog entry outlines the general strategy that I … Continue reading

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SCI launches infrastructure costs and urban growth management guide

Meeting the infrastructure needs of a rapidly growing population can often overwhelm the capacity of a city to pay for new infrastructure while maintaining its existing stock of roads, water and wastewater facilities, schools and other public facilities and services. … Continue reading

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The Colima River Project

Colima City is the capital of the state of Colima which is located in Western Mexico on the Pacific coast, sharing its borders with the state of Jalisco and Michoacán. Most of the municipality is located in the Valley of … Continue reading

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Counting the Cost of Urban Growth

By Margaret McKenzie “Many cities don’t take cost into account when making long term decisions about their future growth patterns” says Patricia Gordon Director of Sustainable Cities International Cities Network. “We know that compact development costs less and numerous, respected … Continue reading

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