Sustainable Urban Resilience: A Contradiction in Terms?

A great blog from Alex Aylett, our Research Director.

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David Bello, Associate Editor over at Scientific American, has an interesting post up today looking at the supposed tensions between “resilience” and “sustainability”. His argument in a nutshell is that precisely the characteristics that make many urban systems resilient can also make them deeply unsustainable from an environmental point of view. 

He’s right, sort of. But really what’s at stake here is a redefinition of how we build resilience into our urban systems.

It’s not so much a contradiction as an evolution. Let me show you what I mean.

As Bello points out, both “resilience” and “sustainability” are hot these days. Read any recent municipal planning document or press release and you’ll find them sprinkled about liberally like some kind of magic spice.

Read more: openalex: Sustainable Urban Resilience: A Contradiction in Terms?.


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