A Passionate Voice for Urban Farmers: Fred Njegeja – Secretary of TaFoGa Net

Nicole Fornelli is just wrapping up a 6-month internship through our CIDA Internship Program at SCI. Her work focused on urban agriculture. Thanks, Nicole!

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Fred Njegeja is the Secretary for the Tanzania Food and Garden Network (TaFoGa Net). In 2011, Sustainable Cities International facilitated the establishment of TaFoGa Net with the hope to connect urban agriculture (UA) groups that exist in Dar es Salaam, with the numerous UA activities occurring across the city. TaFoGa Net is a network made up of six farmer groups, working to promote urban agriculture in Dar es Salaam, as well as to advocate for urban farmers in the city. TaFoGa Net is formally registered in Tanzania as a non-governmental organisation.

Fred has taken on the role as Secretary of TaFoGa Net with great commitment. Fred has a strong passion for creating a voice for urban farmers and works hard to ensure that farmers’ demands are being heard. Fred is also the coordinator for a farmer’s group called SCAN, which is a member of TaFoGa Net. SCAN is an organization that trains farmers on conservation and best practices in farming. Participating farmers are then encouraged to train their peers within the community.

Fred has committed himself to TaFoGa Net and is dedicated to networking with individual farmers, as well as farmer groups throughout Dar es Salaam. He is working hard to build the capacity of TaFoGa Net and to represent the concerns of urban farmers to Local Government and relevant Ministries.

Fred feeds chickens

I have had the pleasure of working with Fred during my six month internship. Throughout my internship, I have had the opportunity to learn from Fred, as well as assist Sustainable Cities in building the capacity of the Network. One major achievement was linking TaFoGa Net with the Nairobi and Environs Food Security, Agriculture and Livestock Forum (NEFSALF), as well as the Mazingira Institute, based in Nairobi, Kenya. The organizations first met at the SCINAP 2012 Peer Exchange, which was held in February in Dar es Salaam. The Mazingira Institute “extends relevant knowledge and practices, promotes learning and cooperation and enhances ethical solidarity and advocacy.” http://www.mazinst.org/mazpub/initiative. The Mazingira Institute promotes urban agriculture as a viable economic initiative: encouraging it as means of subsistence, as well as a way to generate income. Hence, creating a holistic approach to improving livelihoods, both nutritionally and economically. Fred had the opportunity to attend the NEFSALF Annual Forum earlier in May, strengthening the collaboration between the two cities.

With Fred’s leadership, TaFoGa Net has the potential to develop into a major asset, advocating on behalf of urban farmers, as well as promoting the enhancement of UA in Dar es Salaam. It has been a great pleasure to work with Fred. I am looking forward to the future successes and growth of TaFoGa Net under Fred’s leadership.

Fred presenting at the NEFSALF Annual Forum


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